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Nun of That is an action-comedy that follows Sister Kelly Wrath as she transforms from a nun with a simple temper problem to a vengeful killer. After being gunned down in an alley, she ascends to heaven to receive training from some of the great figures of religious mythology (Moses, Gandhi, and Jesus himself). She is then set back to Earth to join the other members of the Order of the Black Habit, a group of supernatural vigilante nuns as they seek revenge against the mob.
I simply couldn&#39;t believe what I was seeing…that was my first impression. &#39;They&#39; just don&#39;t make movies like this. From start to finish, the entire audience was belly-shaking with laughter…I&#39;m serious, there was so much laughter that many of the back-to-back jokes were lost in the noise. And these jokes are ruthless to all, and clever as hell. Sure some might find it shocking…but that&#39;s clearly not the point of the film…it&#39;s just a badass idea: a group of supernatural vigilante nuns that take on the mob? The film is shot in standard Griffin style–very clean, well composed, with a 70&#39;s style Italian cinema look. Very pleasing on all accounts. Richard doesn&#39;t try to impress you with lenses and adapters…he rocks the old-school (ha ha) 720p with panache. The film looks good, and the lighting is superbly stylized. <br/><br/>The sound design and music is as usual very well put together. For a &#39;low budget&#39; film, you&#39;ll find that all sound is at a professional level–ADR is good, foley is great, and custom-written music is paced and form-fit and exciting. A few times you&#39;ll notice what appear to be canned foley sound effects, but with the charm of the film, they hardly get in the way.<br/><br/>The acting was pretty much all-around impressive. Everybody nails their characters, and brings something interesting to the table–and pretty much every cast member seems to understand comedic timing. Even the &#39;extras&#39; in this film have chops. For a micro budget film, I&#39;m telling you, the performances were stellar. OK, so you&#39;ll occasionally find a bit of a rotten tomato…but hey, that&#39;s OK…these are rare.<br/><br/>I really recommend this film to everyone (unless you&#39;re easily offended and/or highly religious with no sense of humor). It&#39;s laugh-out-loud funny, and really comes together nicely in a well-paced action comedy you&#39;ll likely not forget. I honestly think this could become a NYC midnight showing cult extravaganza. <br/><br/>ps. Anyone that openly trashes this film (*cough* you know who you are) and has nothing positive to say, is clearly a jealous competitor or a bitter jerk. I may be bias, but there is nothing one star about this picture…that&#39;s obviously a skewed opinion from a sour source. <br/><br/>Cheers.
I just saw this movie and while it&#39;s low budget, so much so that all the gunshots were added in later; it&#39;s very well made. It goes on just long enough, with an ending that BEGS for a sequel. And I laughed so hard my eyes were in tears all throughout. <br/><br/>The guys who made this movie, watch out for them. They&#39;ll only get better. This movie doesn&#39;t really drag, either. <br/><br/>And the dance number early in the film blew me away. It&#39;s pretty brief, and I wish there had been more. Yes, a B (or even C) movie with a dance number. A tremendous amount of nun jokes and good dialog. Loved the lead nun and her sisters, too. This movie is nun-thing but fun.

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