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4 12 year old 7th Graders in middle school friend embark on adventures with battle balls to save the world from a virus.
Before this review if you like this show i&#39;m respect your opinion.<br/><br/>the plot<br/><br/>OK it&#39;s about four kids Tyler, Kevin, shoppe, and roach get the ball who calls the battle ball in an accident made by the aliens mnemonic and zen-block because they believed that they where soldiers and then they must learn them the power that they can use to save the world.<br/><br/>my thoughts about this show i find it boring stereotypical and giving kids stupid message to kids the animation is bland and stiff the intro song wants me to eat an spicy pepper i did knew that it didn&#39;t had the potential and have and i know Scott Fellow the same guy who made johnny test i know he is an nice guy but he cant think that kids is stupid and make stupid shows because kids aren&#39;t stupid and this show is lacking creativity i&#39;m know Canadian show can be decent or good but many of them is garbage and unoriginal and this show is awful and boring can watch johnny test over this<br/><br/>if you want to have you kids an good taste of cartoons let them see Steven universe adventure time wander over yonder star vs the forces of evil regular show and many more even the classic and many more<br/><br/>please don&#39;t show this for kids
OK I can see many people don&#39;t like this show but I love it a lot of my friends would agree!!!I enjoy this show this is actually better than anything CN puts on these days in my opinion.I hope this show doesn&#39;t get canceled in the USA or I crawl in a hole and cry.I really hope that some people would watch more than one episode and get a taste of this work.But since this show is based off of things made for kids others hate it and kids can&#39;t write reviews so it&#39;s kind of unfair to them.Everybody keep criticizing this show even though it&#39;s good. One day this world will be freed from only teens and adults judging this show. This show has brought light into the world of cartoons even though the animation is OK the plot is good.

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