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The original characters from The Cannonball Run (1981) race across the country once more in various cars and trucks.
The Sheik who competed at the last Cannonball Run, is berated by his father for not winning it. So he tells him to go and win. Problem is that there is no Cannonball Run. So his father tells him to make one of his own. He puts up a million dollars as the prize. So former Cannonballers J.J. and his buddy Vince join, as does Blake and Fenderbaum and some other characters. But Blake and Fenderbaum owe a mobster some money, and the mobster owes some other guy more. He then decides to grab the Sheik and hold him for ransom so he can pay the guy back.
The original &quot;Cannonball Run&quot; was a pretty funny film about a illegal cross-country auto race from Connecticut to California, featuring an all-star cast. Most critics hated it, but most audiences liked it, and was a box-office hit. However its follow-up, &quot;Cannonball Run II&quot;, is nowhere near as funny as the first film. The laughs this time around are scattershot. Plus, this is one very sloppily made film. Director Hal Needham didn&#39;t make the original a masterpiece but at least it looked like they were really in a cross-country race from Connecticut to California. For &quot;Cannonball Run II&quot;, it&#39;s very obvious that just by watching it you can tell that Needham didn&#39;t even try to make this a good movie. He intended on making this a bad movie. Watch it and you&#39;ll see. For example, the race in &quot;Cannonball Run II&quot; is supposed to go the other way around: starting in California and ending in Connecticut. But almost the entire race takes place in the desert. Hello? What&#39;s going on here? Plus, there are some downright embarrassing scenes in this film. It features a long list of talented stars who step in front of the camera, one-by-one, and make fools of themselves. What a shame to watch Shirley MacLaine follow-up her great Oscar-winning role in &quot;Terms of Endearment&quot; with a throwaway role here. But she doesn&#39;t have the most embarrassing scene in the film. That honor goes to Tim Conway and Don Knotts as two of the stupidest cops in movie history (Lt. Frank Drebin of &quot;The Naked Gun&quot; movies has more brains than these guys!). Just watch there one scene in this film and you&#39;ll see why. I felt very sorry for them. But they&#39;re not the only ones who suffer. Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Telly Savalas, Marilu Henner, Charles Nelson Reilly, Tony Danza, Jamie Farr, Ricardo Montalban, Jim Nabors, Jackie Chan, Susan Anton, Catherine Bach, and (in a major travesty) Frank Sinatra. All these actors (along with others not mentioned here) wasted their talents looking embarrassed and humiliated. The orangutan provides the only laughs in the movie, and there ain&#39;t much. Everybody involved with &quot;Cannonball Run II&quot; should be ashamed of themselves. This movie flopped at the box office, and deservedly so.<br/><br/>* (out of four)
Cannonball Run II (1984) <br/><br/>1/2 (out of 4) <br/><br/>Incredibly lazy and rather pointless sequel has J.J. McClure (Burt Reynolds) and various others back and competing in another race from the West coast to the East coast.<br/><br/>Somehow, THE CANNONBALL RUN turned out to be a huge hit so a sequel was put into production and it&#39;s amazingly just as dull as the first film. Also rather amazing is the fact that they managed to get even more famous faces to appear in this thing including Frank Sinatra who would appear in a theatrical movie for the last time. That&#39;s right, the great Sinatra ending his theatrical career on CANNONBALL RUN II. How does that happen? Was he bored? Did he need the money? Doing it as a favor?<br/><br/>CANNONBALL RUN II is pretty much the same movie as the first, although we do get a few new actors to appear here including Telly Savalas as a gangster, Shirley MacLaine as a nun, Richard Kiel as Jackie Chan&#39;s assistant and there&#39;s also Sid Caesar, Catherine Bach, Tim Conway, Don Knotts, Tony Danza, Ricardo Montalban, Jim Nabors, Charles Nelson Reilly, Henry Silva, Doug McClure, Abe Vigoda and I&#39;ve already mentioned Sinatra. Reynolds basically sleepwalks through the film and every once in a while smacks Dom DeLuise. Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. easily steal the film and thankfully they&#39;re given a bigger part than the previous movie.<br/><br/>As I said, this is a pretty horrible movie as was the first one but with so many stars it&#39;s hard not to recommend this to film buffs. As awful as the movie is and as unfunny as it is, there&#39;s still something mildly (and painfully) amusing getting to see so many famous faces in one picture. It&#39;s really too bad that the filmmakers didn&#39;t try making a better movie though.
If you aren't feeling so generous, it's pretty obvious that the movie is not only a stinker but an inexcusably corrupt stinker, dependent on the indulgence of a public slavish or naive enough to feel honored when old pros content themselves with smugly amateurish shtik. [29 June 1984, p.B5]

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